What Is Conservatism and What Is Wrong with It

‘What is Conservatism and What is Wrong with It?’ is a political essay that positions conservatism as opposed to democracy:

This essay articulates why we need to protect democracy (or, more generally, majoritarianism) and oppose conservatism (or, more generally, minoritarianism). Moreover, the essay supports this thesis with several historical examples.

You’ll most likely find this essay useful if:

  • you want to make the case against conservatism per se

    … as opposed to simply arguing against specific conservative policies. As the title suggests, the essay attempts to identify the ideological core of conservatism and directly assault that core.

  • you’re interested in punditry

    … as opposed to simply civic journalism. The essay catalogs in detail many conservative strategies for public relations and offers advice targeted towards aspiring pundits.

The essay attempts to propose specific solutions to oppose conservatism in the final section. However, unlike The Authoritarians, these proposed solutions are not supported by social science research.